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Glenn does something stupid 2: This time it’s personal

September 16, 2014

Since we have successfully funded our second game it is time for Glenn to get another commemorative tattoo. Luckily this time around we had a fabulous artist working on the project. David, graciously sketched out a few variations for our Pack the Pack ink. Please submit your vote for Glenn’s next foolish decision.

And the crowd goes wild!

September 11, 2014

Another successful kickstarter under our belt! Well, we’ll consider it successful when folks have games in their hands, but now we have the pledges to take that step!



Now that the campaign is over, we are kicking into high gear to finish everything to send to the printers. At that stage, we impatiently wait as they do their job and send us samples to ok. Then there is MORE waiting when we wait for the whole thing to finish.

Missed the Kickstarter?
Never fear! We are extending the special Kickstarter price for a limited time if you preorder now! We’ll even pay for the shipping!! Check it out!

First we had a ‘shipping game, now a packing game… what should be next??

Pack, Man!

August 27, 2014

Our Pack the Pack Kickstarter has officially entered its FINAL WEEK and we’re really hoping to hit a stretch goal to create a Print and Play version of the game to give to all backers. Since this is a tile game, that will take some redesigning, so please check the kickstarter out if you haven’t and share with a friend if you have!

In the meantime, you can feel like you are playing with a few text and video resources. Here is a collection of the Pack the Pack video library to get a sense of the overall game!

First, a quick, 90 second intro on how to play the game:

Want more? Here is a full walkthrough of a game, including rules, design diary-esque commentary, and scoring.

For the experienced Packers, here is a quick look at the Advanced rules, the second way to play the game:

If you want to see a really long description in front of real people, check out this video!

Finally- check out the rulebook (still needs a couple of finishing touches!) here!

1 week to go to make our SECOND game a reality! Woohoo!! Let’s get packing!

Crazy Time, Population: now

August 18, 2014

catWell ain’t that a helluva thing!

While the three of us have been getting hammered by work, GenCon, BostonFiG and other obligations we managed to fund our Kickstarter!

But there is more! since last we spoke GPD has become the sponsor of a bunch of naked nerds in Seattle, ran  successfully slash demos at the wonderful WORD Bookstores in NYC/Jersey City and started work on a secret New York Comic Con project. Actually it’s not secret at all. We are printing a super short run of new slash cards for Shipwreck and I don’t think I can legally reveal who will be there.


Plus! We are working on a number of games! We are expanding and developing Meg’s Game Chef submission Camp POWERful into a full size RPG, Glenn is developing a sledding themed dexterity game as well as helping our intern Rowan develop their cooperative game Spoons based on  Christine Miserandino’s article about understanding chronic health management.

We are loosely scheduled to do a GenCon 2014 debrief this week and that will be posted as soon as we record. Thanks for you patience!

Pack the Pack is back, Jack!

August 4, 2014

We have relaunched the Pack the Pack kickstarter and it hit $1,000 in just 1 hour!

This campaign has a lower goal as we are committed to funding some of the production privately. We’ve also added the option to donate a copy of the game to a youth group instead of preordering one for yourself.

We made a couple of new videos, including a quick how to play infographic!


Check it out on Kickstarter! 

Too Many Playtests of Games: Bookworm

August 1, 2014
these things, pouring from your tear ducts.

these things, pouring from your tear ducts.

[editors note: we have an intern, their name is Rowan and they wrote this]

File Me Under: Cute worms reading classic books

What It’s All About: A Guess Who type guessing game, Bookworm is a cute, family-friendly game. Player 1 puts a bookworm in a book, and the other player(s) have to guess characteristics of the book in order to find the book the worm is hiding in. It’s easily customizable for different age groups (for children, use colors and shapes, for adults, use the book’s storyline, etc), and is a generally well-done game.

Gripes: There’s only one purple book.

Time Commitment: 10-20 minutes

Best For: Adults who want a family game that isn’t boring or stagnant.

(Bookworm, more information here,  is a prototype game designed by Dolly Pickelhaupt. It is being playtested as part of the curation process for the Boston Festival of Indie Games)


Too Many Playtests of Games: Bad Habit

July 23, 2014
bad habit

bad habit

[editors note: we have an intern, their name is Rowan and they wrote this]

File Me Under: Emotional without being ‘emo’ (praise the lord).

What It’s All About: Bad Habit is all about NSSI (Non-Suicidal Self Injury), and the pressures and triggers that go with it. As a group, you try to guess the others’ pressures and reduce the number of Scar tokens they have. If you guess wrong, the number of Scar tokens goes up. If a red Scar token is pulled, the game ends for everyone. As games go, it’s original. As tackling the subject goes, it’s unique and understanding.

Gripes: Very emotional. Hard to play with near-strangers.

Time Commitment: 20-30 minutes

Best For: People who deal with NSSI or know someone who does, or people who want a new, emotive tabletop game.

(Bad Habit, available here,  is a prototype game designed by Glenn Given. It is being playtested — independently — as part of the curation process for the Boston Festival of Indie Games)



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