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Too Many Days of Games: Day 113 – Iron & Ale

October 21, 2014


File Me Under: beard slapping

What It’s All About: Iron & Ale is a party-ish card game where players are dwarven lords. Each turn you delve deep into a mountain (draw cards from the mountain deck) to mine gold & iron and to fight monsters. Losing a fight (rolling under the monsters strength on a d6) incurs a drink penalty, literally. Iron & Ale is a drinking game with a dwarf veneer. Alternately you can fight the very tough Red Dragon instead of drawing cards.

After the mining phase players head to the meadhall and draw random dwarven challenges from the deck. Thumb wrestling, racing across the floor on your knees & lifting tables with your pinkie finger really embody the stupid fun of Iron & Ale. I didn’t think that a game targeted to geeks could boast that full force face slapping was part of the fun, but here we are… Iron & Ale is mechanics light and silly heavy and that is to it’s credit. The theme is such a good fit that in retrospect it’s astonishing that a dwarven drinking game hasn’t been produced already. Kudos Tableforged!

Tweaks: Tableforged is curently fundraising for it’s first expansion King of the Keg

Gripes: It’s kind of pointless to play without drinking alcohol. This is not ideal. The True Dwarven Might challenge is childishly sexist and should be removed. There are a limited number of dwarf lords who can influence monster fighting in any way and that can be a frustration.

Cost: $20 at Tableforged

Time Commitment: 45 Minutes

Best For: Gamer drunks

this is college

this is college

Thor’s Day Morning Minutes: 10/16

October 16, 2014


It’s Thursday, AHS Freak Show is sublime, we have minutes:  Read more…

Too Many Days of Games: Day 112 — Quantum

October 15, 2014
it's basically the best

it’s basically the best

File me under: Space, the final FUN-tier

What It’s All About: Quantum is a beautifully minimal 4x game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate). 2-4 players control space faring races racing to establish themselves across the galaxy. Your forces are represented by 6 sided die, with each face being a different ship type possessing a special ability like teleportation or free upgrades. The value also represents it’s speed and strength in combat. Read more…

Too Many Days of Games: Day 110 — Eight-Minute Empire Legends

October 13, 2014
Pretty! It's like freaking Narnia!

Pretty! It’s like freaking Narnia!

File Me Under: Mini Risk!

What It’s All About: Quickly create and then dominate a fantasy world. In Eight-Minute Empire: Legends you are vying for area control against up to three other players. With limited funds and restricted movement you must expand your empire and displace your opponents to claim majority control of each island and the territories with in. Actionas are taken by purchasing cards from a common row. Each card contains an immediate effect, like founding a city or moving up to 6 armies, as well as an ongoing benefit. By purchasing cards that combo well with ongoing abilities you can greatly magnify the impact of each action.

Ryan Laukat has expanded on his original design in Legends by shifting to a modular set of map tiles and stepping back from accumulating goods for points. The ongoing effects from purchased cards are far more satisfying to use than simple accruing points through card purchase. There is also a nice and light set collection mechanic for flavoring your empire with Forest dwelling cards or Cursed cards which adds just enough flavor to the presentation to justify the Legends moniker.

Gripes: It’s a very pretty game, but I kind of feel that the price is slightly too high. Additionally there could be some better delineation of the zones on tiles that contain multiple islands

Tweaks: The game includes a bunch of built in add-ons for the basic game like exploration rewards and ancient citadels. These largely replicate powers from purchased cards, but it does help stress the area control aspect a bit more, without completely unbalancing the game.

Time Commitment: 9 minutes.

Cost: $30

Best For: Light strategy fans, players looking to explore area-control games.

What fantasy game would be complete without woodland elves!

What fantasy game would be complete without woodland elves!

Thor’s Day Morning Minutes

October 9, 2014
Verily, shit doth got realeth

Verily, shit doth got realeth

It’s Thursday, Glenn went to NYC and forgot Mara Wilson’s name, we have minutes.  Read more…

Shipwreck decks are in!

October 1, 2014


a box of weird love

a box of weird love

We just received our limited print run expansion for the upcoming Shipwreck show at The Bell House in NYC. If you are in the area on Oct. 7th come by this hilarious event. At the event our mini-expansion will be available for purchase. if we have any left after the show they will be put online for sale via

Included in the deck are characters from the works of John Scalzi (Old Man’s War), Kate Leth (Edward Scissorhands), Naomi Novik (His Majesty’s Dragon), Sarah McLean (A Rogue by Any Other Name), Kevin Avery (Conversations with Clint), Jeffery Cranor (Welcome to Night Vale) and Alan Moore (Watchmen). We have also included a bonus 5 blank cards so you can Mary Sue yourself into the deck and have an epic makeout session with a giant blue quantum demigod or a British dragon or whatever.

A raft made of corpses? Mmmm you read my mind...

A raft made of corpses? Mmmm you read my mind…

Minor updates!

September 29, 2014
Winner winner cat food dinner

Winner winner cat food dinner

We are finalizing the files for Pack the Pack and with luck will be sending them to print this week!

Voting closed on Glenn’s dumb tattoo and when the ink gets going we’ll post some video of his stupid judgement!

If you are in NH come hang out Friday (Oct. 3rd) evening at Diversions Puzzles and Games at 6:30 for a slash demo with Rhiannon Ochs of Spooning Meeples and myself!


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